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Trundle is an adventure-puzzler that gives player ambient gameplay experiences while they travel different areas of each world solving physical puzzles in order to advance. Each area is beautifully hand-drawn chinese shadow art style landscapes, accompanied by a darkly ambient soundtrack for each world.

Players are represented by a simple cog gear that is controlled by the accelerometer and can jump by tapping the screen.

You will meet a multitude of creatures inhabiting the lands you explore, most will try to help you in your quest; especially if you give them what they want.

Trundle presents the player with multiple puzzles that often are required for the player to proceed, puzzles are arranged with physical shapes and constraints and sometimes have a few different ways to solve them. You will have to use wits, brains, and the occasional wheeled or legged vehicle, and remember you are yourself a gear an advantage that will prove useful.

The name says it all; help the vengeful Grim Reaper fulfill his duty by maiming poor innocent Timmy. Use your all-powerful understanding of physics with real world tools such as rods, springs, and gears to assemble the environment in such a way that it kills your target, Timmy!

Galaxy Shot is a simple game combining elements of mini-golf, billiards, and star orbits. The objective is simple: Destroy the Enemy!

Set up your shot by aiming and charging up the velocity, taking into consideration the stars gravity and the asteroid obstacles. Victory is achieved when all of the enemy planets are destroyed!

Play the engaging single player missions or do a quick-play against the computer or another person!

Randomly generated levels will provide infinite replay value.

Space Manager

SpaceManager was designed specifically to target chipmunk for use on the iphone in conjunction with cocos2d-iphone. It should be known that SpaceManager can run independently of cocos2d.

Also packaged are Cocos2d specific "helper" objects for handling the drawing of shapes, constraints, and sprites (AtlasSprites too) and the connection they have with their chipmunk counterparts.

General Features

  • Simplified Objective-C interface to Chipmunk
  • Separation between Active and Static shapes mostly hidden
  • Collision callbacks using NSInvocation w/optional parameters
  • Special Query Requests; including contact persistence and constraints on body
  • Special Helper Objects for Cocos2d
    • cpCCSprite
    • cpShapeNode (Draws shape with Cocos2d primitives)
    • cpConstraintNode (Draws constraint with Cocos2d primitives)
  • All current constraints supported
    • spring
    • groove
    • sliding
    • pin
    • pivot
    • motor
    • gear
    • rotary limit
    • ratchet
    • rotary spring
    • extra! pulley